“Der Storyteller”

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I’ll Tell you a Tale

An evening like no other.

At last, storytelling for adults!

I’ll tell you a tale – and the magical journey begins.

Richard Martin needs nothing but his voice to fascinate and enthral the listeners with his tales.

The stories he tells are trickster tales, fairy tales, wonder tales and jokes. They are comic, they are witty, they are profound. They are stories to make you laugh, stories to move you with beauty and truth. They are centuries old and from around the world.

Richard’s performance recalls the ancient culture of the storyteller, the weaver of fantasy, the spell-binder.

Most of the audience are not native speakers, so the first time they come to a performance they naturally wonder whether their English will be good enough. But within minutes the age-old power of the storyteller takes them into a world of imagination in which they understand far more than they thought possible.


After telling throughout Europe, Asia and America, at last Richard can be seen here.

A “must” for all who love English!

Visit www.tellatale.eu/video.html to enjoy the tales in the video gallery – all recorded at live performances.